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Dib is Sick - Chapter 95
Dropping the clip board when Dib doubled over in his spot suddenly, Zim dashed over to help steady him before climbing up onto the bed to get near to him, putting a hand to his back gently while looking at him scared, not sure exactly what to do in that moment. “D-Dib-human?” he said again, running a hand up and down his lower back in an attempt to soothe him.
Squeezing his eyes tightly shut and gasping for air as the room suddenly felt far too hot for him, Dib shook in Zim's arms. As if coming to the hospital hadn't been bad enough. He didn't want to be transferred even farther away from home than he already was.
Returning to the room with the food she’d been asked to get for them, the nurse looked over at them startled before putting everything on the side table and going over to grab the oxygen mask quickly, putting it onto him to aid his breathing again. “What happened? Why didn’t you call me back?” She looked at Dib worriedly, checking his tempe
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Dib is Sick - Chapter 94
Shifting slightly at all the commotion before blinking his eyes open slowly, Dib hummed out a small, disoriented note before glancing first around the room he was in and then up at Zim, who seemed to be straining to hear what the nurse and doctor were saying outside. “Hmmm...? What's going on...?” he asked with a yawn, drawing Zim's attention back to him.
“Uh…I’m not sure…That nurse human was called out by one of the doctors…Maybe there was an emergency or something…”
“Oh...” Dib glanced in the direction of the hallway tiredly then yawned again before cuddling back up with Zim.
Running a hand up and down Dib's back gently, Zim sighed and turned his full attention back on the human. “Are you feeling any better, Dib-thing? Your breathing sounds a lot better...” He said, having noticed the improvement in Dib’s breathing while he had been asleep.
“A little.” Dib sighed contently, for once actual
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Dib is Sick - Chapter 93
Needing a moment to fully process the reality of the situation, Zim could only stare at Dib completely dumbfounded for several silent moments before finally finding his voice enough to speak again. “But who found-" He began to ask before stopping to think for a moment, the only person coming to mind and most likely possibility being Dib’s father, the professor, the most famous scientist of today, and he now had evidence of his true identity. “Oh no… No! NO!” He exclaimed, horrible fantasies of being experimented on and dissected starting to run through his mind. He grimaced and took a step away from Dib, becoming frantic now. “How could this happen?! What am I going to do?!” His fist met the wall across from Dib’s bed before he faltered slightly and pressed his palm to it for additional balance.
Knowing this was all his fault and there was nothing he could do about it, Dib felt sick to his stomach at Zim's panicking. “There's only o
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Dib is Sick - Chapter 92
Not answering his father back right away when he asked him whether he was awake or not, Dib merely breathed in deeply before letting it out slowly, the only indication that he gave to acknowledge the fact that he had heard the other’s question.
“I can see you're not feeling up to talking much right now, son. I won't stay long. I merely came to see how you were doing... And... To talk about your little foreign friend...” Membrane looked over at Zim, who was currently fast asleep in the bed next to Dib’s. “That's quite a nasty skin condition he has, isn't it?...” He said as though he’d only just now noticed it.
Dib couldn't help but perk up just ever so slightly at the mention of Zim. Why would his father come all the way down here just to talk about Zim? He turned slightly in the bed to look back at Membrane confused for a moment. “Y-Yeah...” He finally forced out in a quiet voice before looking back down at his pillow, afraid lookin
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Dib is Sick - chapter 91
Quickly pulling his hand away when he saw how frightened Dib looked in that moment, Zim glanced up at the steadily increasing heart monitor the other was hooked up to before returning his gaze back to the human. “D-Dib..?” He said before his attention was soon drawn to the doctor that came barging into the room, followed by the nurse that had been with them the entire time. He watched as they examined Dib's vital signs before the doctor injected something via the cannula into Dib's arm and reattached another bag of IV antibiotics. Gripping the side of the bed tightly, Zim then glared up at the doctor in question. “Why is it that you only do something when he's at his very worst?!” He demanded, hating the fact that he only ever saw the doctor come around when Dib was experiencing a decline in his overall state of wellbeing.
“Listen. Pneumonia can be a tricky disease to treat in a patient like Dib. One second everything can seem fine and then the next, a pat
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I lead a busy lifestyle, but all I truly want to do is draw, sculpt and sew... And watch some good cartoons.

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Thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday ^^ sorry I'm giving my thanks so late, I was at the airport on the day and then went on a ten hour flight from England to Mexico for a two week vacation, which has been amazing so far. I've been working to what seemed like no end, so to have the time off to relax is just amazing in itself.
I've also seen several spider monkeys and iguanas so far ;o; don't ask me why but that made me so happy!

Anyways, thankyou to everyone who is still watching me despite my long absenses here and there :hug: I have a few little projects in process so far which I hope to share with you all soon ;) and i'll make sure to get the next chapters of 'Dib is Sick' up soon for those who are waiting for them ^^; 

Alright, that's pretty much all I wanted to say before I start rambling too much :D thanks again guys~ 

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