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Jolting when Dib fell off the other end of the hospital bed, Zim stared down at him with fear as well. "Dib...I don't know what's going on here, but whatever happened, I'm sorry!" he moved nearer to Dib, only to make him shuffle away more.

Walking back in with the doctor, the nurse gasped at seeing Dib on the floor before running over to help him and looking up at Zim sternly. "I suggest you leave." She said, not trusting the other to stay alone with Dib any longer.

Still a bit shaken by the situation, Dib's eyes grew even wider at those words. "N-No!" He looked up at the nurse pleadingly. "Please! He fell asleep, had a bad dream, and accidentally knocked me off of the bed!" He said quickly, still not wanting Zim to leave him despite everything that had just happened.

Carefully helping the nurse put Dib back on the bed, the doctor examined him.

Still looking the least bit impressed, the nurse turned to Zim. "Is this true?" She asked, not so sure whether she believed Dib or not.

Getting quite upset now, Zim looked back at her. "I-I was asleep...It was an accident. I didn't mean to hurt him!" He watched as the nurse turned back to Dib for a moment. "I-Is he going to be alright?" He then asked, more concerned about how much harm he'd done to the other in his sleep.

"He should be. He's dislocated his shoulder, but we should be able to rotate it back into place just as soon as the painkillers we're about to give him kick in." The nurse said, sending Zim another pointed look. "But I'm beginning to have second thoughts about letting you spend the night here with him. What exactly were you doing sleeping in the same bed with him? We already have another bed set up next to his. If you were tired, you should have moved to that bed instead. And how can we trust you to spend the rest of the night with him? What if his injuries had been worse?" she said, having already felt uncomfortable enough as things were letting Zim spend the night there at the hospital without the proper permissions.

Looking back at her shocked for a moment, Zim scowled, not liking being yelled at for something he didn't even mean to do. Deciding that getting angry would only worsen the situation however, he merely looked down at the bed instead, hugging himself. "He was in pain and didn't want me to call for you, so I was comforting him and fell asleep doing so..." He said before looking up at her again. "You think I did this on purpose?" He then said, voice coming out rather strained as he knew he'd never purposefully try to hurt Dib again. At least, not now that they were mated.

"Do I think you did this on purpose? No...Perhaps not on purpose. But do I think it's possible that something like this or something worse may happen again? Yes. And if something were to happen to him while in our care, the hospital could be sued for it. And if he had been in pain earlier then you should have called me in regardless of whether he wanted me in the room or not."

"But he only started panicking again when I tried to! What was I supposed to do!?" Zim mentally kicked himself for letting his anger get the best of him before trying again more calmly. "...Okay, I should have called you...But please believe me when I say I had no intention of harming him. It was an accident and will not happen again." He said, sending her more of a pleading look now.

The nurse sighed out heavily. "It better not. Because if it happens again, I'll have no choice but to kick you out of the hospital. Now, as soon as we have him all fixed up again, I think it would be best that you both went to bed, and I mean in different beds." She said, shooting them both an all too serious look.

Shifting his eyes back down to the bed covers, Zim just nodded in reply before then watching as the nurse and doctor waited for the painkillers to take effect, testing Dib's arm every so often before deciding on starting.

"Alright, Dib. If you can just breathe normally for me, this will all be over shortly."

Trying to calm down enough to breathe normally, Dib nodded slowly. Feeling the doctor beginning to rotate his shoulder blade, he then let out a sharp cry, the pain greatly diminished but still there.

"Just hang in there a few more seconds, Dib. We should have your shoulder back in place after one last rotation."

Squeezing his eyes tightly shut as his shoulder was popped back into place, the action painful but relieving at the same time, Dib gasped before panting out in the quiet room, his body covered in sweat now.

"There we go. Now, I want to put your arm in a sling for now, Dib. We wouldn't want you dislocating that shoulder again. And I don't want you trying to move it around for a few days. That could just make things worse."

Watching, Zim looked scared as they popped it back into place.

After leaving for a few minutes, the nurse returned with a sling and carefully put it onto Dib. "Alright. I think it's about time you got some sleep." she looked up at Zim. "And this time call if anything happens. Can I trust you to do that?" she said, deciding to give him just one last chance.

Nodding his head in response, Zim watched them leave the room once again. Feeling utterly horrible now however, he didn't even glance over at Dib. "Zim is...very sorry..." He said, keeping his gaze fixed on the blankets beneath him.

His eyes filled with tears and face soaked now, Dib turned his head to look over at Zim, sniffling wetly and holding out his arms for Zim the best he could.

Slowly turning his head to face Dib, Zim's expression saddened as he stared over at him, wanting so badly to go and comfort him. Silently debating whether to move to him for a moment or not, he then turned away again to stare at the wall and gripped on his uniform sleeve uncomfortably. "You should...try to get some sleep..." He said, not so sure he trusted himself getting too close to the other again.

Dropping his arms, Dib's face dropped even more with them as he brought them up to hug himself before breaking down all over again, knowing that now he probably wouldn't receive any comfort from the other.

Feeling twice as horrible with himself, Zim looked back over at Dib before moving himself to sit in front of him without getting too close. "I don't want to hurt you...I'm sorry." He looked down at the covers.

Lifting his gaze back up, Dib looked at Zim again. "You worry so much about hurting me but don't even realize how much more it's hurting me that you won't come anywhere near me!" He hid his face away in his arms again to sob gently to himself.

Getting upset now, Zim looked over at him again. "Why would you even want me near you after all that!? All Zim does is hurt you!" He frowned off to the side before looking over at Dib once again sadly. "...I just did it again now...didn't I...?" He moved just a bit nearer to Dib, cautiously bringing up a hand to lightly brush his fingers over his unharmed arm. "Sorry..." He apologized, voice barely above that of a whisper.

"B-But it wasn't your fault! You were asleep, and if I hadn't scooted in so close to you, none of this probably would have happened! And besides! Y-You're the only one who cares enough about me to even give a shit whether I'm sick or hurt or even just upset about something...I told you that earlier...But then you still pulled away and refused to come anywhere near me!"

"But...Doesn't touching you just cause you more pain? That's why I didn't go near you...I even somehow managed to go as far as damaging your arm without meaning to...Who's to say I couldn't do worse." Zim looked down at the covers again. "I didn't go near you BECAUSE I care about you. Because...I don't want you getting hurt anymore." He said, fiddling with one of the blankets idly.

"I don't care! I don't care if it hurts me, even a little! I want to be near you! Cause everything just hurts ten times worse when I'm not near you! And you promised to stay with me no matter what for the entire time I'm here!"

Glancing back up at Dib once again, Zim moved right up in front of him. Leaning in nearer, he then held out his arms for the other, letting Dib have control over how much closeness he wanted.

Leaning forward into Zim's arms, Dib sobbed into the Irken's chest now as he carefully moved his injured arm out of the sling so he could wrap his arms around the Irken's back as though to keep him from pulling away again anytime soon. Running one hand up Zim's back, he then pulled it away quickly. "Ow!" He brought his hand back around front to look down at the palm of it and then up at Zim. "Y-Your PAK is really hot all of a sudden..." He pointed out to the other, the hot, metal surface having surprised him.

Taking Dib's hand to check he didn't burn himself, Zim then carefully put his arm back into the sling. "Y-Yes...Sorry. I should have told you before you hurt your hand." He said before looking down at his hand, stroking his fingers on it gently.

Fingers twitching slightly, Dib stared back down as his hand which Zim was stroking now. "Is it alright? Y-Your PAK, I mean. Does it do that often?" He asked, not understanding how the other could bear to have something that hot pressed against his back.

"Uh...It only heats up like that when I'm supposed to use it to attack or defend myself but don't...Sometimes it can get like that when I'm just stressed over something too, which I think confuses it into thinking I need to use it. But I guess the nightmare must have triggered it." He said, looking back up at Dib. "But do not worry yourself over it, Dib. Zim will be fine." He said with a small nod, not wanting to cause the other anymore trouble.
Yay for crazy ass preview images that won't make sense until later chapters!! WOO!!

Sorry for the wait guys ^^; Hope you enjoyed this one :P

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An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^

Chapter 47->[link]
[link]<- Chapter 45

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
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