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November 25, 2012
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Calming just a bit at the Irken's words and nodding his head slowly, Dib took as much comfort as he could from the small face nuzzle he received from Zim, sniffling all the while. Finally letting his eyes fall closed to sleep, he then reached out one hand to take Zim's and hold it in his own.

Watching Dib for a moment, Zim's smile fell away once Dib had closed his eyes, feeling awful now for not realizing how fragile he was in his current state. Using his other hand to carefully stroke his hair, he then continued to watch him sleep soundly.

In his sleep, Dib pet the back of Zim's hand with his fingers, drawing them slowly across the soft skin there, the action somewhat comforting to him as his eyes began to dry.

Watching as Dib moved his fingers over his hand, Zim wanted to get nearer to him but was afraid it would only hurt him. So instead, he merely sighed and closed his eyes.

About an hour later, Dib opened his eyes slowly and stared at Zim, who had dozed off, through half-lidded eyes. Sniffling as he felt as though he couldn't sleep any longer in this new environment without that comfort of the Irken's close presence, he was then tempted to scoot closer to the alien so he could cuddle up under the other's arms. Knowing Zim would yell at him if he did so though, he rather nuzzled his cheek to Zim's hand, trying to make himself feel better about the current situation.

Fingers twitching slightly at the feel of Dib's warm cheek against his hand, Zim let out a small whine in his sleep before reaching out his other hand almost as if he was subconsciously searching for the other. His outstretched hand touching Dib's chest, he then gripped at his gown there and tugged at it a little.

Jolting a bit at the sudden tug, Dib scooted in just a little closer but still not as close as he would have liked.

Scooting right up against Dib, Zim wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled against him before becoming still again and humming out a small comfortable sigh.

Tensing at the sudden closeness, Dib pressed his forehead to Zim's chest and closed his eyes just to let out another wet sniffle. He knew the Irken would probably yell at him upon waking up but didn't care anymore as he just wanted that closeness to remain with him, even if for only just a short amount of time.

Letting out a small whine after about another 10 minutes had passed, Zim moved about uncomfortably before lying still again and frowning in his sleep. "Mmm...Dib." He murmured out in the quiet room.

Reluctantly opening his eyes at hearing his name, feeling fairly certain that this closeness was about to end, Dib felt his eyes watering up as he attempted to keep the tears back.

Hugging Dib tighter to himself, Zim, still frowning, curled up a bit and quietly muttered something in his sleep, his breath quickening slightly for a moment before going back to normal again. "...N-No." he said when he felt Dib shift away from him slightly.

Lifting his head to look up at Zim with wide eyes, Dib gently nuzzled a cheek to Zim's face comfortingly, assuming that he must be having some kind of nightmare or something now.

"Dib..." Zim's expression calmed and he slowly eased his hold on Dib after a moment, shifting uncomfortably and muttering something again before gripping tight onto one of Dib's hands, frowning and letting out a slight growl.

Looking down at Zim worriedly, Dib sat up slightly. "Zim...?" He shook him slightly just to feel the other grip his hand even tighter, drawing out a small squeak from him. He shook him even more. "Zim, that hurts..." he said as he tried to pull his hand free but found himself unable to.

Pulling on Dib's hand even more as Dib tried to pull away, Zim let out another angry growl. "Mmm...Mmm! N-No!" He moved his hands up Dib's arm a bit and pulled him in more to tightly hold his arm to himself.

Beginning to squirm around in Zim's grip, Dib winced a bit at the tug. "S-Stop it! That hurts!" He tried to pull away again just to have Zim wrench his arm to his chest, reluctant to let go of him.

Holding Dib's arm tightly to his chest, Zim's grip only tightened more as Dib tried to pull away. His PAK making a small beep sound, it then started to open, making Dib pull desperately but only to have him growl threateningly at him and tighten his grip on him again.

Trying to escape, Dib panicked and yanked even harder on his arm, only succeeding in dislocating his shoulder, which had him letting out a sharp cry before curling in on himself and holding a hand to it as he began to break down, still pulling weakly in an attempt to get away. "I said to stop!" He exclaimed between sobs.

Eyes snapping wide open at hearing Dib shout, eventually realizing what he was doing, Zim let go of Dib's arm quickly and stared over at Dib wide-eyed in a mixture of fear and confusion, his PAK closing itself again.

Instantly pulling as far away from Zim as he could without falling off the bed, Dib curled in on himself even more, cradling his arm to his chest and holding his shoulder as his tears just continued to come and come, streaming down his cheeks in floods.

"What is with all the screaming in here? What's going on?" The nurse said from her spot in the doorway, flipping on the lights all the way so she could have a better look at Zim, who was just sitting on the other end of the bed, staring at Dib wide-eyed, and then the huddled up form of Dib on the opposite side of the bed.

Eyes darting from Dib to the nurse, Zim looked more and more horrified every time he glanced back at Dib. Remaining completely speechless as he had no clue what was going on, a lingering feeling that he was the cause of all this then began to grow within him.

Rushing over, the nurse checked Dib over. "What on earth happened in here?" She glanced over at Zim who stared back still confused and scared.

Dib let out another sharp cry when the nurse tried to move him to a different position so she could get a closer look at his arm.

"I'm getting a doctor and some pain killers to take care of that arm, and I want an explanation as soon as I get back of what happened in here." The nurse sent Zim a stern look that said 'I mean it' before hurrying out of the room to locate a doctor to have a look at Dib.

Without touching him, Zim scooted over to Dib. "Dib...W-What happened? I did this to you?" He shut his eyes tightly, bringing his hands up to his face, hoping he would just wake up from this horrible nightmare.

Panicking, Dib's eyes snapped wide open at the other's sudden closeness. "S-Stop! Stay away from me!" He scooted farther away just to fall off the end of the bed onto the floor. Flinching, he then stared up at Zim with wide, fearful eyes.
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An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^

Chapter 46 ->[link]
[link]<- Chapter 44

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
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