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Shaking his head at Dib's question, Zim smiled back at him reassuringly. "No, I don't think so anyway. I had to tell them I didn't know about it..." He said, then looking down at the bandages and feeling a bit guilty.

Dib frowned at the look on Zim's face. "It really wasn't your fault. It was mine. So if they ask me what happened, I'll just tell them it was a result of my own stupidity...A-And that I don't want to talk about it..." He said, looking away awkwardly.

Snapping out of it, Zim looked back at Dib for a moment. "Huh?...Oh, right. Y-Yeah...But y'know. They may have forgotten about it." He said, not feeling entirely sure about that but running a hand down Dib's arm regardless. Bringing his hand over to rest on Dib's warm cheek, he then sent him a small reassuring smile.

Dib nodded his head slowly in response to that. "I hope so..." He said before closing his eyes and pressing closer to Zim, hiding his face once again in the other's uniform, reluctant to look up. The memory of what had happened beginning to make him feel queasy, he then held his stomach.

Looking down at him a little concerned as he noticed Dib looking rather uncomfortable again, Zim lightly rubbed his hand on Dib's back. "You okay?" he asked, hoping Dib wouldn't black out on him again like he'd done multiple times before already.

Dib murmured into Zim's shirt a bit. "Just...feeling a little bit sick again..." He said, not wanting the other to worry about him.

"Oh, do you want Zim to get the nurse?"

His answer coming out in a small whine, Dib shook his head. "Nooo..." He said, just wanting to be left alone.

"...Okayyy..." Zim looked at Dib even more concerned for a moment then smiled a bit and wrapped his arms around him to hug him in closely. "We'll just wait this out then." He said, willing to stay by Dib's side until he felt better.

Nodding his head slowly against Zim, Dib closed his half-lidded eyes all the way and shuddered.

Running his hand soothingly on Dib's back, Zim lightly brushed his face against Dib's hair then brought up a hand to run along his scythe-shaped lock, looking at it curiously for a moment.

"Mmmm..." Dib pulled his legs up to curl in on himself a bit, his stomach now thoroughly upset. "Ooouuuch..." He curled in on himself even more.

Looking down at him worriedly again and running a hand through his hair, Zim looked back over at Dib before starting to sit himself up. "Umm...Maybe I should call the nurse, Dib." He said, starting to worry something bad was about to happen.

"No!" Dib said it more firmly, beginning to get upset now. "I don't want anybody in here moving me around!" he curled in on himself even more as a sharp pain from his abdomen ripped through his body, causing him to wince and gasp sharply.

Looking down at the bed and nodding in defeat, Zim felt a jolt of guilt for getting him upset again and hurting him. "Okay..." He laid himself down beside the other and ran a hand gently down his arm while looking at him calmly. "Calm down. No-one is coming...Zim is...sorry for getting you upset." he apologized, just wanting Dib to relax and settle back down.

His body shaking slightly as he pulled at the covers, Dib let out a small whimper, just wanting to hide underneath them now where nobody could get to him. "I-It's like somebody p-plunged a knife through my s-stomach..." He strained, voice shaking.

Zim's eyes widened slightly. "R-Really?" He looked worriedly at the other for a moment before bringing the covers up over them both and scooting nearer to cuddle up to Dib carefully but stopping for a moment before he did so. "Does it hurt if Zim touches you? Like before?" He asked, not wanting to cause Dib anymore discomfort.

Peeking his eyes open to look at Zim, Dib shuddered, his eyes glazed over. "O-Only when you touch m-my sides...M-My arms and l-legs are sore t-too, but they've been like th-that for d-days now..." He said, body shaking slightly now.

Zim looked a little shocked. "Wha-? Days?...Why didn't you say anything about it before?" he withdrew his arms. " I-I've been hurting you this entire time without even realizing it?" He said, now feeling horrible with himself for not noticing.

Dib pulled back away from Zim a bit. "B-Because I didn't want you to leave me, okay?! Y-You're the only one who's cared enough to stay with me this long, and I just didn't want to lose that comfort, even if it did hurt a little." He said, on the verge of tears now as he was almost certain Zim wouldn't touch him again.

Unsure what to say, Zim stared back at him shocked for a moment, suddenly feeling awful as he frowned over at him. "But I would have stayed with you if you had told me about it before. Why would you think you would lose me over such a thing?" He looked at the bed.

"B-Because I didn't want you to stay unless YOU wanted to stay! If you weren't touching me this entire time, I would have just thought you were only staying to be nice and not because you care about what happens to me." Dib began breaking down just a little bit. " And I don't want to lose that touch, even if it wasn't the most comfortable because it made me feel as though I was worth something." He said, having not wanted to lose the only comfort he had received throughout this entire ordeal.

Feeling as though his heart was being squeezed in his chest, Zim looked back at him, slowly shaking his head and frowning as he gently put a hand on Dib's cheek. "Of course I care about you. I care more about you than anything else. Zim already told you all this, Dib." he gave him a small peck on the lips before pulling away and carefully wiping away Dib's tears. "Besides, being with you." He smiled a bit at the boy to reassure him of that.

Sniffling wetly, unable to speak but still feeling as though he'd lost a great deal of that comfort he was getting from Zim earlier, Dib nuzzled Zim's hand with a cheek, trying to gain back at least a little more of the touch he lost.

Zim smiled at him. "You're gonna make me say it, but..." He very lightly nuzzled against his forehead, his next few words very quiet. "You know I love you, right?" He whispered against the other's skin before kissing his head gently as a show of that love.
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An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^

Chapter 45 ->[link]
[link]<- Chapter 43

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
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