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Smiling over at Dib happily when the human licked him on the cheek, Zim blushed a little bit before giving Dib a quick kiss on the cheek and pulling away to smile at him again.

Cheeks becoming a bright pink at the kiss he received from Zim, Dib pulled back a bit, hiding part of his face in the covers shyly.

Running a hand over his hair apologetically, Zim sat up a bit to put his wig back on, still smiling at him as he leaned himself on him carefully again and sighed. " I wish I didn't have to wear this stinking disguise...Oh well." He shrugged.

"Me too...But maybe later tonight, after we go to bed, you can take it off while you sleep. I doubt anybody will come in while we're sleeping."

"Umm...M-Maybe. I guess it will be okay if I'm underneath the covers completely...But I'll probably want to stay awake to make sure you're okay through the night anyways."

"You could...hide underneath the bed covers with me...that way you could watch over me at the same time." Dib smiled hopefully at him, a small blush painting his cheeks pink.

Zim smiled back at him. "Heh...Yeah, I think I prefer your idea. I'll just have to try not to fall asleep." He looked around the room for a moment. "...Hmm...I don't think I've ever been in a hospital before. I've only seen it on TV..." He continued to look around the room before looking back at the IV curiously.

"S-So they don't have anything like hospitals on your planet?"

"Well, Irkens just aren't as fragile as humans. I've had some real HORRIBLE injuries before, but they are never that difficult to recover from. Plus we all have basic medical data downloaded into our PAKs, so usually we know how to sort ourselves out. But...We do have medical sectors and medic drones specifically trained to treat the more serious injuries.

"O-Oh...S-So I guess all this fuss over something as stupid as pneumonia seems dumb, right?" Dib smiled and let out a small amused laugh before falling silent a few moments. "I-I never gave you any of those horrible injuries before, right?" He asked, wanting to make sure.

"Pfff!" Zim shook his head and smiled at him amused. "Naaah, no way. Heh, I wouldn't even consider anything you had done to Zim as an actual injury, Dib...Okay, well...Apart from that time with the meat....And that water balloon....Um...B-But really NOTHING compared to what Zim has been through before." He nodded then looked at him a bit more seriously. "But...This pneumonia thing really doesn't seem dumb to me at all, Dib...If it's done all this to you." He said, looking concerned now as he ran his fingers over one of Dib's hands again.

"Well, it does to me...I mean, I spent the past several years trying to convince people that aliens and other paranormal phenomena were real and that I would someday be their savior. But what kind of savior am I if I can't even recover from a simple case of pneumonia through bed rest and antibiotics? I never thought something like this would put me in the hospital. Maybe I'm just not as strong as I thought I was."

Going silent for a moment, Zim looked down before then looking back up at him. "...Okay, okay. So you got sick, Dib. People get sick. Because you are human, you, unfortunately, are no exception to that. But just because something like this is beyond your control doesn't make you a weaker person...I mean...Think of the countless amount of times you've tried to convince the world of that...paranormal stuff and all those times it's been thrown back in your face. But you never gave up trying...And the fact that you actually want to be a savior to these...people...despite all that must make you strong." He said, having always admired Dib's determination.

Hugging part of the covers to himself, Dib sighed and turned over in the bed. "I don't feel very strong right now..." He said, curling in on himself slightly.

"Yeah...But that's why you're here. To get strong again." Zim smiled and pat him on the head. "So stop sniveling, Dib-thing. You can do your paranormal stuff again once you get better." He said, smoothing down a bit of Dib's hair.

Reaching up to take the hand on his head and hug it to himself, Dib turned back over to look at Zim, closing his eyes and resting a cheek against the other's arm. "I caught yyyyyooooouuuuu....." He whispered quietly to the Irken.

Bringing up his other hand to fiddle with a lock of Dib's hair, Zim looked down at him a little puzzled for a moment. "Heh...Ooookay. You caught me?" He cocked an eyebrow at Dib's words.

Opening his eyes, Dib looked up at Zim for a moment. "Well, you're not trying to take over the world anymore, are you? So yeah...I think I did a pretty good job of catching you." He said, clinging to the arm even more, refusing to let go of it anytime soon.

Shaking his head a bit, Zim frowned down at him before smirking. "Pit-i-ful hyumun...It is not you who has caught Zim." He lightly poked the top of his head. "It is Zim who has caught YOU!" He put on an evil smile and ruffled the top of Dib's head.

Letting go of Zim's arm, Dib flailed at him helplessly. "Nuuuuu!!!!! I caught you first!" He grabbed his arm again and hugged it tightly to himself, pouting up at the Irken now.

"Liieees!!" Zim laughed evilly and moved himself on top of Dib, pinning him onto the bed by his shoulders and smirking down at him.

Trying to wriggle his way out from the other's grip, Dib struggled a bit against Zim. "Nooooo!!!!! Not lies!!!!! I caught you first three days ago!!!!!" He stuck his tongue out at Zim when he couldn't pull free.

"Nonsense! Clearly it is I who had caught YOU, foolish hyuman!! Mwahaha!!" Zim moved his hands down to his sides to tickle him.

Jolting a bit, Dib brought both his hands down to try and push Zim's away from his sides, wriggling about and letting out a small whimper. Managing to grab hold of one of his hands to hug tightly to himself again, he then rolled over onto his side a bit and brought one of Zim's fingers to his mouth to suck on.

"Heheh. Was I too rough?" Zim smiled over at Dib and cuddled up to him from behind, giving him a small apologetic lick to his cheek.
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An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^

Chapter 43 ->[link]
[link]<- Chapter 41

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
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