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October 6, 2012
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Nodding his head as though to confirm his own words, Zim continued, feeling just a tad bit worried himself that Dib couldn't remember passing out on him. "Yep. You did. So I lifted you onto the bed...But seeing as you're okay now...Ummm..." He looked off to the side and mumbled quietly. "Mmm...Maybe you should take the medicine? In case something happens again?" he suggested, wanting nothing more than for Dib to get better already.

"Oh..." Dib closed his eyes and pressed himself close to Zim, letting out another tired yawn.

Giving his hair one last stroke and looking over at him, Zim sighed, tempted to cuddle up to him but shaking his head quickly and grabbing the medicine from the side table, holding it in front of Dib and waving it in front of his face a little, gesturing for him to take it. "Mmmmm?" He sounded out, trying to coax the other into taking it now.

Blinking his eyes open to stare at the bottle for a few moments, Dib moved his hand up a bit as though to take it but dropped it a few seconds later and shook his head while pulling away to hide under the covers.

"Oh, come on! It can't be that bad!" Zim opened the bottle and took a sniff of its contents, winced, and then pulled back from it in disgust. "Uhhh...Mmmm..." He sighed and lightly pulled at the covers. "Please?" He said, not knowing what else he could say to convince the other.

"I'm not thirsty..."

"Uh...Yeah." Zim sounded unimpressed now. "Somehow, Dib, I really think there's clearly more to this than just not being 'thirsty.'" He said before shaking his head, finding Dib's refusal to take the medicine getting a little ridiculous.

Pulling down the covers, Dib glared at Zim. "You think I'm being difficult on purpose again! Well, I'm not! But because you refuse to believe me about not feeling well, I guess I'll have to prove it to you somehow!" He snapped before grabbing the bottle from Zim, pouring some of the liquid into the bottle's cap, and downing it before making a disgusted face.

Zim looked a little shocked. ".....Mmmkay..." He slowly and cautiously took the bottle back from Dib and put it to the side again. "Uhh...Well, at least you actually tried it this time... Even though I'm pretty sure you're mad with me right now." he looked down at the covers. "But...You know that stuff is supposed to help you." He tried to make the situation better by reminding the other of that.

Anger slowly diminishing, Dib's face paled somewhat. "I feel sick..." He hugged the covers tightly to himself and hid his face in them, eyes squeezed tightly shut as he let out a small sob, trying to keep everything he had just drank down in his stomach.

"W-What?!" Zim looked at him in a mixture of guilt and panic, unsure if he should try to comfort him or not. Running a hand on his back in a hopeless attempt to calm him, he then looked at him guiltily and concerned.

"I told you I wasn't feeling well enough to drink it! Now my stomach's upset!" Dib exclaimed through his sobs, bringing his arms down to wrap around his stomach as he rocked himself back and forth.

Sitting himself up in front of Dib, Zim hugged himself and looked at him extremely guiltily, nodding a little then scooting a bit nearer to him and nervously holding his arms up, offering comfort to the other.

Looking up at Zim through tear-filled eyes, Dib leaned into the other's arms, burying his face in the Irken's chest and crying even more.

Wrapping his arms around him, Zim rubbed one of his hands on Dib's back soothingly. "...I...I guess I should have listened to you...I'm sorry." His voice sounded a little strained as he stroked his hair with his other hand gently, nuzzling his face against it and closing his eyes. In doing so, a few tears slipped out and dampened Dib's hair slightly.

Peeking up from Zim's chest, Dib lifted one hand to wipe away the Irken's tears gently with his fingers, sniffling and wiping his own eyes on Zim's uniform top.

Feeling a little embarrassed for being caught crying in front of him again, Zim blushed as Dib wiped away his tears, closing his eyes and holding him close, giving him a small love lick to his forehead before gently nuzzling against the top of his head again.

His body shaking a bit in Zim's arms, Dib continued sniffling. "Zim..." he said in a quiet whisper.

Lifting his face from Dib's hair to give it a stroke with one hand, Zim opened his eyes and looked down at him. "Mmm?" He sounded out in a small show of acknowledgement that he had heard the other.

Dib returned his arms to his stomach. "I think I'm going to be sick..." He said again, trying to will the pain away but feeling it a losing battle.

Zim's eyes grew wide. "...Oh." He moved Dib so that he was supported in his arms so he could lift him up if needed. Looking over at the door, he then looked back at Dib. "Bathroom?" He asked, not sure whether Dib was going to lose it or not.

Trying to keep everything down for the time being, Dib nodded his head slowly.

Zim nodded. "Right." He bolted up holding Dib and moved to the door quickly, opening it and darting to the bathroom with him before setting him down in front of the toilet carefully.

Sitting up on his knees so he could hang over the toilet, Dib started clearing his system of anything that was in it, the action painful despite how little he had in his stomach to begin with. Beginning to cough as he attempted to catch his breath once he was finished, he then let out a startled gasp upon peeking his eyes open and seeing that there was mostly blood in his vomit.

His face turned away the whole time but running a hand on Dib's back, Zim turned his head to look at Dib once he heard him gasp and reluctantly peeked into the toilet, throwing a hand up to his mouth in shock and disgust before looking back at Dib. "Uh...Wait here." He darted into the bedroom to grab the glass of water and take it back to the bathroom, placing it in Dib's hands so he could wash out the worst of it from his mouth.
Trying to make better preview images ^^; ...Trying :<


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An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^

Chapter 37 -> [link]
[link] <- Chapter 35

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
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Its so sad dib is pukey :'c I just wanna walk up to him and rub his tummy until he's better
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I had pneumonia last year, and you managed to capture the symptoms uncomfortably well (though the whole puking-blood thing was more confined to mono before it morphed into pneumonia). Great fic, though!
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((Dude your pics look like the artist for iz did them compared to mine mine look like little pices of shit just hanging on my wall))

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Benni0rumbazumba Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
A really good picture!It says so much.
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