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Maud Pie by sassafrass002
Maud Pie
I started this a couple of months ago, left it for ages and them decided to finish it. Hope you like :) maybe at some point I will do another. 

Maud Pie (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust 
A little confused by the others explanation, Dib couldn’t help but tilt his head to the side slightly at the Irken’s words to him. "I thought Irkens only ate snacks though. At least, that's all I ever saw you eating at lunch during school." He wrote, not understanding how their food could be made from organic materials when they didn’t even have anything of the sort on their own home planet to begin with.

“Yesss…But how do you think the snacks are MADE though? And yes, Irkens only eat snacks...I'm going to miss Irken snacks. I'm already starting to run out of them!"

"Well, if they're made from different kinds of plants from different planets, wouldn't Earth snacks be basically the same thing as Irken snacks?"

"No way! You can't beat the amazingness of Irken snacks! But I'll try a few more Earth snacks when I need too. That choco-whatever stuff was okay."

"Chocolate. And I'm certain there are lots of Earth snacks you'll enjoy if you just give them a try. Have you even tried eating any other snacks in all the time you've been here? Most anything with sugar in it is probably alright for you to eat."

"I once tried waffles that Gir made ages ago. They were good until he decided to add some extra ingredients into them." Zim shuddered at the memory. "You'll have to show me some more snacks to try when you're better though." He pointed at the human as though making a commitment for him to said task.

Remembering that time he had spied on Zim just to see the other bring up everything he had eaten that morning, Dib cringed slightly himself. "W-Well, waffles aren't really snack food. So you can't say Irken snacks are better than Earth snacks until you've at least tried more of them. I'll bet you'd like cakes and brownies and other really sweet treats made on Earth though." He wrote to the other, doodling a few of said pastry items onto the paper they’d been drawing on earlier.

"Yeah, well we'll see. I'll have to be careful still. I’ve eaten a few things on this planet that have made me pretty sick in the past, but most of that was from the school cafeteria."

"Cafeteria food doesn't count as snack food either...What you need to eat are foods that are considered unhealthy for humans."

"Yeah, anything sweet and loaded with sugar will do...What snacks do you like then?”

"Hmm? Oh...Well...Actually, now that you mention it, I don't really know...I-I never really ate all too many sweets growing up, though I guess I have a preference for chocolate things like brownies and fudge. B-But that doesn't mean I'm opposed to eating other flavors too, like vanilla. I-I do tend to eat a lot of saltier snacks though."

"Hmm…To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to trying a whole new range of snacks. You know, my favorite snack from Irk was made out of three different plants, all from different planets."

"Oh yeah? What was it?"

Zim looked thoughtful for a minute before taking the pen from Dib again. "It was like a pack full of weirdly-shaped, purple and pink squishy thingies...They were good." He wrote, trying to draw out what they looked like on the paper.

"So they were like some kind of fruity, berry-like snack? Or were they more like candy?”

"I don't know. I've not eaten fruit; too watery. Maybe if you tried one you'd know. I have some left over back at the base."

"B-But I thought you were running out of Irken snacks...I-I don't want to make you run out faster..."

“They will run out eventually anyways, so it's fine if you'd like to try a few things. It may be the only chance you get to try 'alien' food."

"But they're your favorite and you should eat them."

"Ah, come on, Dib. One won't hurt." Zim drew a small smiley face on the paper next to his words. "I don't eat that much anyw-" He quickly stopped and crossed that out immediately. "I mean...I'm sure I'll find plenty of Earth foods that I'll like." He tried to send the other a more sincere look now, not wanting the boy to worry about him.

Dib sighed at those words and the others attempt to cover up what he had really been about to say. "That's what you say now...I'm not saying you shouldn't try Earth snacks, but isn't there some way you can get Irken snacks from OTHER planets?" He asked, a part of him worried that the Earth snacks wouldn’t be enough to meet Zim’s dietary needs.

“Hmm...Well, I am still in contact with a Vortian prisoner who always sends me technology. Perhaps he might know where I can pick some up from...Or there is another Irken I know who I'm pretty sure would personally bring me some snacks himself. That idiot would do ANYTHING I tell him to."

"Hmmm? One of your friends then?"

“Pff… Heh, no! Just someone I've known since we were smeets: Invader Skoodge. I find him a little annoying, but I bet if I asked him to buy me a voot-load of snacks and bring them to my base, he'd go right ahead and do it...Well, assuming he's still alive, that is.”

"S-Still alive?" Dib looked up at Zim with some concern on his face. "D-Did something bad happen to him?" He asked, Zim’s rather lax demeanor making him feel just a tad bit uncomfortable, given their current conversation.
Dib is Sick - Chapter 80
An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^ 

Chapter 81 -> Coming soon… <- Chapter 79

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
Excited to see Dib taking an interest in his species’ culture, Zim couldn’t help but answer back rather enthusiastically. “Yes! Such amazing punctuation we have…Uhm…” He grabbed the notebook to write the small symbols for Irken punctuation out along with their translation.

Tilting his head to one side, Dib watched Zim work on translating all the punctuations he could think of in that moment into Irken punctuations.

Finishing by drawing the Irken symbol at the very top of the page, Zim then handed it back to Dib.

Dib looked at the Irken symbol, then back at Zim, then back at the symbol again. "It kind of looks like you when you're not wearing your disguise." He wrote out on the others arm, reaching under the covers to retrieve the Zim doll so he could compare it to the paper. "Except not as cute..." his eyelids fell half lidded.

Blinking wide eyes open at Dib’s remark, Zim blushed and frowned, poking his tongue out a little at the other for that comment.

Seeing Zim stick his tongue out at him, Dib glared a bit back at the other before sticking out his own tongue and hugging the Zim doll close, a pout on his face now.

Smirking at Dib's reaction, Zim wrote a message on his arm with a finger again. "Now THAT was cute." He smiled back at Dib teasingly.

Pulling his arm back to glower at Zim, Dib then hid his face behind the Zim doll, his cheeks a bright red now.

Just staring at him confused for a few seconds, Zim tilted his head to one side before then just rolling his eyes and picking up the notebook to doodle in for a bit.

Peeking out from behind the doll to see what it was Zim was doing, his cheeks a light pink color still, Dib slowly lowered it down all the way to just watch the other draw undisturbed for a few minutes. Then, finally letting his curiosity get the best of him, he scooted back in a little closer to try and see what the Irken was drawing in his notebook.

Having drawn a rough doodle of the planet Irk and the word ‘Irk’ in Irken lettering under it, along with some other scribbles, Zim shifted his view to Dib momentarily before looking down at the page again. "Still mad?" He wrote in English for the other.

Flinching a bit at the question, Dib pulled away a bit before shaking his head slowly, still holding the Zim doll close, a small blush remaining plastered across his face.

Looking over at Dib and smiling, Zim then looked back down at the paper before writing out the words ‘Zim and Dib’ in Irken. "Can you guess what that says?" He wrote in English next to it, an arrow pointing the Irken words in question.

Perking a bit at the question, Dib then leaned in to get a better look at the alien lettering. Reading each letter carefully, he quickly identified the lettering for his own name before then taking the pen from Zim and writing out his own name in English under the Irken lettering. Looking back at the rest of it, he then, after a moment of consideration, wrote out the rest in English, really only guessing that it was their two names together.

Zim took the pen back from Dib. "Wow, you're catching on fast, Dib-thing!" He wrote, followed by a smiley face with antennas on it.

Smiling at the small, alien smiley face, Dib then took the pen from Zim again to draw his own smiley face right down next to it, though with glasses and his signature scythe lock. He then drew little hearts surrounding the two smileys.

Blushing a bit and looking to the side, Zim couldn’t help but smile widely at that and let a small giggle escape him as he tried to put on a straight face again.

Looking back at the way Zim had written their names in Irken, Dib then used the pen to write out their names again under the two smileys.

Looking down at what Dib had written in Irken, Zim then looked up at Dib and nodded, signaling that he'd written their names out well.

Smiling before shifting his gaze to the small doodle of Zim's home planet the other had made earlier, Dib then used the pen to write out something underneath the doodle. "Tell me about your home planet." He wrote, nuzzling into the covers to get more comfortable.

Looking up at Dib after reading the question, Zim then took the pen from him to write in his reply. "It's huge, much bigger than Earth. There are no plants there and it never rains or snows; just always the same every single day.”

After reading the others response to back to him, Dib took the pen back from Zim. "Is there anything organic on it at all?" he asked, finding it hard to imagine such a planet.

“Well...No, not really. That's why it felt so weird coming here for the first time. Your planet is covered in plants!"

"B-But what about other planets? Don't other planets have anything organic on them? Or is ours the only one?"

"Well...There was one planet that I remember was pretty much like an Earth jungle, but all over it! And a few other planets have some organic stuff on them, but not on Irk. But that's okay because most of the ingredients that go into Irken foods come from many different planets.” He explained, hoping he wasn’t confusing the other now.
Dib is Sick - Chapter 79
An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^ 

Chapter 80 ->…… <- Chapter 78

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez
Deciding to listen to the nurse and do as he was told, Dib gave up on trying to get comfortable any other way as he rolled back over onto his back so his head was resting in Zim's lap now. Finding that even this wasn't helping so much in the long run however, it wasn’t long before he was back to shifting about uncomfortably, causing Zim’s attention to be drawn back down towards him.

Looking down at Dib on his lap now, Zim decided to fiddle around with a lock of his hair for a while before giving him a small playful tap on the forehead with one of his fingers.

Shifting his gaze up to look at Zim, Dib blinked at the small tap, a part of him tempted to take the others hand and pull that finger into his mouth.

Smiling a bit at the look Dib was giving him, Zim then shifted his gaze down to look at the IV for a moment, eyes moving from the bag and down the tube leading into Dib's arm.

Following Zim's gaze to the IV tube inserted into his arm, Dib flinched before shifting his gaze away to anything else in the room that he could find, trying to take his mind off of the needle currently digging into his skin, making his arm nearly go numb.

Drawing his attention back to Dib again once he had flinched, Zim was tempted to ask him what it felt like to have that in his arm but pushed that urge aside in case he didn't want to talk about it. Looking down at him again, he then played around with a lock of his hair.

Lifting his gaze back up to look at Zim again once he started playing around with his hair again, Dib sighed and let his eyes slip closed to enjoy the others fingers weaving in and out of his hair comfortingly.

Continuing to gently run his fingers through Dib's hair, Zim then tilted his head to one side and rested it in one hand supported by his elbow pressed against his lap beside Dib's head, moving a finger of his other hand over the skin of Dib's forehead and spelling out Dib's name in Irken letters.

Trying to watch the finger as it worked, Dib blinked his eyes up at Zim again after a moment. “Hmmm? Wh-What does that spell?” he asked, unfamiliar with the Irken lettering.

Zim smirked. “Your name, just in Irk- I mean...a different kind of lettering...” He used his finger again to spell out the word "Irken" this time in English.

“O-Oh...” Dib reached up a hand to pull down Zim's arm and trace something out on his own skin. "How do I spell your name in Irken?" He asked with his finger, intrigued by the idea of learning how to write in Irken.

“Hm?” Zim blinked down at him. “Oh.” He took Dib's hand and slowly spelled out "Z-i-m" in Irken lettering.

Paying careful attention to how Zim spelled out his name in Irken, Dib then hesitantly attempted to spell it back to him in Irken once Zim has shown him once, accidentally messing up on at least one of the letters however.

“Heh…” Zim shook his head and smiled, taking Dib's hand again to spell his name out for him a second time, slowly writing each letter carefully so Dib would remember it.

Paying even closer attention to how Zim spelled it this time around before making another attempt at spelling it out himself, Dib this time did it correctly, if not a bit sloppily, and traced a heart around the name afterwards. Then, smiling up at Zim, he looked for conformation from the other that he had done it correctly this time.

Smiling back at Dib, Zim took his arm and wrote, "That was perfect!" followed by a smiley face. "I could teach you Irken lettering.” He then added afterwards, a part of him hoping Dib would take him up on that offer.

"Irken...lettering...? Are there a lot?” Dib asked, a little intimidated by the idea of trying to learn a whole other writing system. He had seen the lettering before but never understood what any of it meant.

“Yes, it's extremely complicated...” Zim smirked jokingly and shook his head. “Nah, you won't find it difficult, though there are a few extra letters.” He said, trying not to scare Dib off from the challenge.

"E-Extra letters? H-How many are there then?" Dib asked, tilting his head to one side.

“Uhhmm...29, so only three more than in your alphabet.”

"Oh...Would it be easier if we used an actual piece of paper then? Or would you rather we just continued to do it on each other’s arms until I'm able to leave the hospital?"

“Hmm? You mean now?...Well, I meant after you leave the hospital, but we could do it now.” Zim reached into his PAK to search around for his school notebook, smiling once he found it in there and pulling it out along with a pen. “Mmkayy…Hold on a-” He muttered to himself and scribbled something onto a fresh piece of paper before then holding it up in front of Dib. “Done!” he said before showing the other that he had written the entire Irken alphabet down with a human letter translation under each one, the three extra letters meaning: sh, ch and ph.

Taking the notebook from Zim and studying each of the letters closely, Dib then looked back at the Irken and reached out to take the others arm. Then, running through the list for the letters that he wanted, he carefully spelled out "I love you" in Irken on the disguised alien's arm before considering something. Then in English, he asked, "Do Irkens have different letters for capitalized and lowercase letters?"

Zim was still smiling a little from what Dib had written on his arm in Irken just then. “Hmm?...Oh, no.” He took Dib's arm to write again. "Irkens don't have such a strange rule for writing, so the letters always look the same."

Pulling back his arm to look at curiously, Dib then returned his gaze back up to look at Zim and smile. "But you do have punctuations, right?" He asked, wanting to learn everything he could about the others language and writing system.
Dib is Sick - Chapter 78
An old and still ongoing RP by :iconpat-the-kitsune: and myself. Originally the RP was written in script so :iconpat-the-kitsune: has ficafied these chapters to make them readable for you, so make sure you guys give her lots of love for making these chapters out of the RP ^^ 

Chapter 79 ->…… <- Chapter 77

(c) Characters belong to Jhonen Vasquez


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Sarah-Jayne Coleman
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
a lazy ass that just wants to share some artwork but is forced to lead a busy life style.

Tumblr ->

Pinkie Pie is the best pony stamp by tofuudog Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams I love villains stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart I am always tired by paramoreSUCKS ZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps
I Love 80s Music by ashleymnolan Invader Skoodge Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Retro Video Game stamp by Clockwerk-chan :thumb213981627: Paint Tool Sai User  STAMP by Drayuu
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i luv bbt by n0-name Walking Pocky xD by BaKaShou Steamboat Willie Stamp by PixelBunny Pink Floyd stamp by HappyStamp The Birthday Massacre Stamp by mysteria-dl
This Journal also has an update for you 'Dib is sick' readers and contest participants waaaay down at the bottom of this entry~

Congratulations :iconakarui-midori: for catching my 100,000th page view!!! Yaaay!!! I shall get to work with your request soon ^^ 

though it seems I have another winner as well :/ Is that actually possible? A glitch on the site perhaps? 


Anyways, now for the updates... If some of you haven't already rushed off by now ^^;
I think it's fair to say I've been working my butt off over the past year and haven't had the time or luxury for being as creative as i'd like to be. I'd be surprised if there's many people reading this journal at all for how inactive I've been. But I do hope this year that i'm able to churn out at some artwork on a more regular basis. I have so many empty drawing pads that need filling! So that's my main resolution for this year I suppose. Also, drawing isn't the only creative hobby i'm hoping to improve on this year, I've also taken to the art of FIMO and using other clay based materials. I've actually made and sold quite a few things, so I may pluck up the courage to post in some pictures at some point ^^; Hopefully. 
A very good friend of mine has given me a premium membership, and I really want to put it to good use this year :)

Here are some of my other resolutions if anyone is interested:

Oh god women just learn how to drive!!... Even though it scares the sh*t out of me, I have to learn. After every lesson I am shaking like a leaf, But driving is a necessity and it must be done -__-

To many times do I receive a yearly diary and it gets neglected about a month or two down the line, and I miss important stuff because I write it down on miscellaneous paper bits that get lost... God I am so stupid sometimes...

Well, the title says it all really, my confidence with my artwork is thinning. But I know its only going to get worse unless I do something about it ^^; As ridiculous as all this may sound.


ALSO, a little update for you 'Dib is sick' readers and contest participants.
Yes, the contest is still going! But it ends when we post 100 chapters! So if anybody wants to add an entry, it's not too late ;) Here is some info about the rules and prizes ->…

And here are the fablous entries so far:
:CE: Swaying Blade by KillerWaffleFreak Dib Is Sick contest entry_ Give You My All by yoyoballkay Antenna Rub by K-IsForKhaos 
I don't hate you... by Elmo-John Dib is Sick by Elmo-John Sensitivity by DarkDivaLocura 
Coughing blood by DarkDivaLocura Dib is REALLY Sick by CartoonBoyfriends :thumb291452065: 
Dib Sick Chapter One by chychyloveDib Sick Chapter 2 (Gir Beg) by chychyloveDib Sick Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) by chychylove
zim and dib from dib is sick by zadrfanficwriterDib is Sick Contest Entry by DibFan4LifeX3WHAT ON IRK~ by KillerWaffleFreak
FAN ART- Dib Is Sick by multiOtaku-FanAT1
Thanks for reading!~
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